LEGO set 700/3A (1956-D)

This is a 700/3A set from the early months of the Germany export venture.

The images above show, in succession, the box cover, the contents, the inside of the box cover, the underside of the box, the insert system (three platforms and a window container) and a few of the bricks with magnification.

The box complement is as follows:

- 10X20vs03 "dogbone" baseplate (1X yellow);

- 2X12vs02 "dogbone" (1X red + 1X white);

- 2X10vs01 (1X red + 1X white);

- 2X8vs01 (1X red + 1X white);

- 2X4vs03 "dogbone" (24X red + 24X white + 2X transparent);

- 2X3vs02 "dogbone" (3X red + 3X white);

- 2X2vs03 "dogbone" (3X red + 1X white);

- 1X2vs03 (1X red + 1X white)

- Windows vs03 (1 each of 2X6/ three panes, 2X3, 2X2 and door)

All bricks are slotted and the complement is:

- 2X4 red: 10X single slotted; 8X double slotted; 3X slots at 9 o'clock; 3X slots at 3 o'clock.

- 2X4 white: 7X single slotted; 9X double slotted; 6X slots at 9 o'clock; 2X slots at 3 o'clock.

- 2X4 trans: 1X 3 o'clock; 1X 9 o'clock.

- 2X3: all single slotted.

- 2X2 red: 1 of each type; 2X2 white: slots at 90º.


This set poses an interesting problem as to its authenticity. It was bought from Germany at the price one would expect to pay for a non-slotted set. The complement is totally coherent, not a single brick is anachronistic in any way. And so I'm confident that the contents are authentic, probably coming from a German set.

However, there is an inconsistency... (did you spot it?).......

................................................................................... yes, the inside of the box top, where the instructions are, shows a vs04 window and the instructions are for mounting it with non-slotted bricks. One may question whether slotted bricks were ever sold in Germany... But I have a box from Holland with the same instructions in Dutch but showing a vs03 window for slotted bricks. If boxes with such instructions were used in Holland, they must have been used in Germany where sales are supposed to have started a few months earlier. See here a page documenting the evolution of box images.

So, either the box top does not correspond with the contents, or else boxes for non-slotted bricks were still used to sell remaining slotted bricks. I would go for the first, given another clue in the box. Did you spot this one?

SET 700/3A (1956) acquired in the market from Germany
João Manuel Mimoso, November 19, 2009
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