LEGO system i leg box (1955-58)
    This is only a stump dealing with the evolution of the box cover image of LEGO 700/x sets of the system i leg era as a dating means to the box and its contents.
TYPE 1- 1955/ 1956

Used with slotted bricks- although the slots are not really visible in the drawings inside the box top, the LEGO man demonstrates the mounting of a window with the help of a slotted brick (the images below are from a 1955 Danish 700/5 set- notice the second demonstrative image counting from the left)..

The same image was used in the early exports. The images below are from a Dutch 700/3 set. Since the exports to Germany started marginally earlier, there presumably must have been German sets also with a similar image.
TYPE 2- 1956

I only have this transitional type in a Swedish 700/3A set box and am not certain as to the countries that used it.

There was a surplus of boxes in at least some languages and sizes when the bricks changed to the unslotted version. So, a new instructions sheet was printed on white paper and glued over the old one that was adapted to the sort of windows used with slotted bricks.

TYPE 3- 1956/1957
    The inside of the box cover is now printed with the correct instructions for the type of windows used with unslotted bricks. The images below are from a German 700/3A set with a complement of slotted bricks. It is not known whether the complement is from a different box, or else the old boxes were exhausted before the slotted bricks.
    With the introduction of new boxes in 1957/58 (below) the image changed to a colour display and ceased to have dating potential.
João Manuel Mimoso, Lisbon, Portugal. November 20, 2009
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