Evolution of the early LEGO® baseplate

    10X20vs01 (thin baseplate, no logo)
vs01 (many colours and marbleized) introduced 1951?
This mold is a one-offmade singly to complement the ABB system

After 2X4vs01 and 2X2vs01, this was the third construction part molded by LEGO within the Automatic Binding Bricks (ABB) system. It was meant to serve as a constructional platform for ABB builders. The 10X20 format was very successful and would be one of the mainstays of LEGO in the early years.

The first type (vs01) is illustrated above. It has full studs and no logo on the studs or anywhere else. Vs01 had a total thickness of only 3mm and was molded from a central pip at the crossing of two underside perpendicular reinforcements. The plastic used was a translucent catalin but the plate was too slender and showed a marked tendency to warp or break at the middle.



10X20vs02 ("LEGO" script underside)
vs02 (many colours) introduced 1953
introduced at the same time as 2X3vs01c, 2X8vs01 and 2X10vs01

The plate now has a tall peripheral and cross central reinforcements, that make its height equal to the standard LEGO module.

The studs are full and unmarked but now the plate has the "LEGO" script conspicuously engraved on the underside, as well as the reference number "700e" (images above).



    10X20vs03 ("dogbone" LEGO logo underside)
vs03 (many colours, often grey, red, yellow) introduced 1954/ 1955
introduced at the cycle when the "dogbone" logo was widespread

This version (above) differs from the previous on the engraving of the LEGO "dogbone logo" on the underside, replacing the former script.

The top side is identical. Underside, bessides the new logo, the small reinforcement ribs were made triangular and thinner.



    10X20vs04 ("LEGO" on hollow studs)
vs04 ( many colours, often grey, red, yellow) introduced 1958
mold made later than the introduction of the hollow-stud bricks

The next mold introduced the hollow studs to the 10X20 plate. Studs were now marked with "LEGO". The small reinforcement cantilever ribs were removed, as well as the logo on the underside.

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João Manuel Mimoso, Lisbon, Portugal. Nov 17, 2009
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