Falso D.LUIS Mouchon (1882-83) 25R (Afinsa 57) F02
D.LUIS 25R (Afinsa 57) F02
25 Reis D.Luis engraving by Mouchon (AFINSA 57)
F02 fake Pera de Satanaz


Fuzzy print on a yellowish paper. many lines interrupted and/or falling short of the circular frame. Wavy perforation. Intended to pass for a famous forgery made in the XIX century that looked nothing like this one. This forgery originated late in the second half of the XX century and was probably printed from a plate of six made by a photographic process. Often seen in groups of six or in a tête-beche of 6+6. Seen offered unperforated as an essay.


Impressão imperfeita sobre papel amarelado, ao contrário do verdadeiro Pera de Satanaz cuja impressão era sobre papel branco e cuja qualidade os tornava indistinguíveis dos autênticos. Denteado irregular e ondulante. Originada na segunda metade do século XX para suprir a procura do verdadeiro Pera de Satanaz. Ocorre isolado e em grupos de até 6+6, perfurados ou não-perfurados. Os grupos de seis não-perfurados podem ser vendidos como provas/ensaios.


ORIGIN/ ORIGEM: Portugal, late XX century.


mentioned in Davies, D.J. "Forgeries of Portugal and Colonies" who, to my knowledge, was the first to point that this was not the real thing.



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