Nativos da Índia- falso 05
India Natives- forgery 05
F05 (10Reis, black) - "used"
F05 (20Reis, red) - "used"

F05 (40Reis, blue) - "used"
Genuine 10 Reis Type ID stamp

An attempt at a Type I D forgery with many details wrong in the shape of letters. Most prints are so fuzzy that, when cancelled, they may mislead for a few seconds. To identify the forgery notice the small recurring spot over the last right side background line (at the center of the red oval of the top left image).

Forgered values seen: 10, 20, 40 and 200 Reis... but there were never Type ID 40 or 200 Reis issues!!

2007-05-21, Joao-Manuel Mimoso
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