cinderelas (falsos?) D.MARIA 5Reis
D.MARIA 5Reis (cinderellas/ forgeries?)
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5Reis D.Maria (AFINSA 1)
Fa- sem relevo/ not embossed
Fb- sem relevo/ not embossed
Fc- com relevo/ embossed
The cinderella marked "Fc", above right, is part of a vignette printed for the Philatelic Salon held in Hamburg in 1984. The vignette is marked "Reproduktion 1984" but the "stamp" may be cut in such a way that the marking is left out. The paper has a wavy water-mark. The colour was printed before the stamp was embossed (unlike the original) and so the two are slightly off-set. If used with forgered postmarks, the result may be quite misleading.
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Lisboa, Portugal- 2007/05/12