DER FRÜHE MERCEDES 170V (1936-1938)
The star / der Mercedes Stern


Ersatzteilliste A, B and C all illustrate the star up front of the car, but it is not on top of the radiator cap. Actually in the early models the star (Part nr 13683 381) was a part on its own, standing over a small pedestal on the front of the car (see images below from Parts List A and a factory photo of 1936 vintage).


In the same cars the radiator cap (Part nr 2383 331) is located under the hood, as may be seen in the image above left and in the images below taken from the earliest Owner's Manual of 1936 and from Parts List B.

Notwithstanding its listing in Aufgabe B of the Parts List, the early star was superseded in early 1937 by the usual star mounted over the radiator cap. This point was elucidated by fellow collector Jan Rosenbaum of Cologne who owns a 1936 170V and contacted me on this matter. His source of information is Werner Oswald's book "Mercedes-Benz Personenwagen 1886-1986" (page 318). My car is from early 1937 and does already sport the later star.


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Joao-Manuel Mimoso

May 09, 2007