DER FRÜHE MERCEDES 170V (1936-1938)
The bumpers / die Sto▀stange
below: an enhanced detail of the front bumper of a 1936 170V showing the two seemingly elliptical fastener heads.


Ersatzteilliste A, B and C all illustrate a front bumper (Part nr 13687 1501) and no rear bumper. The bumper was sold as an integral part but was actually made of three suporting bars to which the two corners were fastened. Each corner thus has two apparent fastener heads. The bumper is rather thin.
In the image below (a 1936 Daimler-Benz factory photo) the front bumper is clearly seen and the fastener heads are also to be seen (see also the detail at left). The bumper is thinner than the post-war versions and the central connecting bar is, at this time, painted black and not chromed.

Although the parts catalogues do not illustrate a rear bumper (see here a car without the bumper), it seems to have always been offered, presumably at extra cost. The image below shows the back of the same 1936 car with a hastely made rear bumper (probably an adaptation of a front bumper- notice that the corner is twisted up...) fastened to the fender.

The export models had front and rear bumpers of a straight and quite different design (see the image below plus a number of other images here).

      Above, one of the trucks on a 170V chassis that German workers somehow managed to assemble immediately after the war with whatever remained from the bombed factories. Notice the "export version" front bumpers. Source: MB site    
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Joao-Manuel Mimoso

May 06, 2007