LEGO set 700c (1954- Dk)
SET 700c (Windows with glass for slotted bricks)- Denmark 1954

This is an old Danish set that must date from 1954, when this sort of windows (vs02) was introduced, or early 1955, before it was superseded by set nr.1214.

The illustration depicts the top of the box, underside and contents. The underside is marked "2/25" which is discounted from the set price in Danish Crowns: Kr 2,50.

The contents are complete- one door and one each of the five window types. These windows were produced in at least six colours but we know this box was originally filled with red windows because someone (presumably the seller) put a red mark on the top of the box-drawer (image left). This denotes need for an improvement that LEGO introduced a few years later by marking the boxes with the colour of the contents.

João Manuel Mimoso, November 22, 2009
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