LEGO set 1248 (1955 /56- Dk)
SET 1248 (Trees and bushes)- Denmark 1955

This is an old Danish set that, from the box type must date from 1955 or 1956. The illustration depicts one of the sides of the box. (to see the other side visit the page on Set 1247).

The top of the interior drawer shows the contents and is the 1955 design. The interior and bottom of the inner drawer of the box do not have any decoration. Both box tops are identical.

The contents are incomplete, because there should be six trees. The colour of the trees is an uniform medium green, while a similar set bought in Portugal circa 1958 used two shades of green. The underside of the bases is painted in three cases but on the other two it is unpainted and shows a marbleized plastic. The trees do not have any logo.

João Manuel Mimoso, November 04, 2009
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