LEGO set 1241 (1955 /56- S)
SET 1241 (traffic signs - 2nd set)- Sweden 1955

This is an old Swedish set (as seen from "lek" for "play" instead of the Danish "leg") that, from the box type, must date from 1955 or 1956. The illustration depicts both sides of the box which is smaller than the standard size - its dimensions are 75x55x18mm and they are shared only by sets 1221, 1222, 1230 and 1240.

The top of the interior drawer shows the contents and is in the 1955 design. The interior and bottom of the inner drawer of the box do not have any decoration. Both box tops are identical.

The contents shown are what was in the box - six traffic signs (of which two were identical) and a stump without the decal. There are bases in two tones of brown, suggesting that the contents may have been altered. However the signs are the correct age, as is the fine printing.

The Swedish version of the LEGO traffic signs is known to have yellow posts. However, I'm not sure of whether this was always the case. Below you may see Swedish traffic signs in my collection. They are probably more recent and the decals are rougher. The bases are grey and not brown. This matter stands open.

João Manuel Mimoso, November 04, 2009
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